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What Design Does The Electronic Product Design Include?

Date: 2022.02.28

In our daily life, in fact, electronic product design has always been inseparable. Generally speaking, a product with a certain practical function, coupled with a single-chip microcomputer for a variety of logical judgments and controls, constitut...

What Are The Steps Of Electronic Product Design?

Date: 2022.02.28

As we all know, the field of electronic products is very wide, as in our daily life, all kinds of things used are basically inseparable from electronic products, such as computers, digital cameras, MP3s, microwave ovens, speakers, etc. Electronic ...

Safety Requirements For Electronic Product Design

Date: 2022.02.28

I believe everyone should know that electronic product design is not a simple matter. Although it seems relatively simple in the eyes of others, in the actual design process, it involves a lot of things. Therefore, in order to ensure the smooth pr...